Chanel at the Supermarket

Chanel Shopping Center

A few days ago, the fashion weeks for the next autumn/winter collections came to an end in Paris. I have to admit that I cared less and less about the hustle and bustle with each city – mostly as my fashion intake capacity is rather limited – until it was time for the Chanel show, that is. I should have expected it, because if someone sets up much more than just having the models march up and down a catwalk, it’s Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel Shopping Center

Bienvenue au Chanel Shopping Center – photo by Chanel/Oliver Saillant

But instead of the usual dreamscapes we got something so thoroughly ordinary this time that it was completely extraordinairy again, namely a Chanel supermarket square in the middle of the Grand Palais! The models walked – as per Lagerfeld’s quote “I like fashion to be part of daily life and not something cut away from it” – criss-cross around the supermarket with shopping carts and helped themselves from the shelves. Jessie of Journelles has captured this nicely:

But it was mainly the creativity and attention to detail within the supermarket that truly wowed me: The “products” were branded to the smallest detail, from the golden chainsaw (So chic!) to the laundry detergent (Coco Color). The invited guests were allowed to stroll through the aisles before the show, and thanks to Instagram and blogs, they broadcast the Chanel logo into the world hundreds of times. Jessie has taken plenty of pictures; while French blogger Tokyobanhbao has even made the effort to illustrate a small selection of the products:

Maybe a downside of such a brand spectacle: the clothes, which a fashion show should be about, quickly turn into a side issue. But that’s why a video of the complete show is put on YouTube nowadays, after all. If it’s up to Karl Lagerfeld, it seems, next winter will be colourful and sporty:

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