Eirys X Files #2 – Travelling Without Moving

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Travelling Without Moving

Only my second newsletter and already I’m one day late. At least in August I can blame it on what all delays are blamed on currently: everyone being on holidays. Which brings me straight to the issue of the month: everyone seeming to be travelling while I’d love to but can’t, for several reasons.

It can be slightly torturous to have the travel bug (a chronic case) but not be able to travel – as how it is for me right now, and has been for the past few years. There’s a bitter irony in not being able to do the very thing that has given me the happiest, most enlivened moments of my life so far.

Having said that, I certainly won’t give up looking for ways and opportunities to go out into the world again. There’s in fact an open door for me to go to Australia this upcoming November; to Sydney and the Byron Bay area, two of my happy places in this world (at least the parts I know). I really want to make it happen and to do so I need to set the course this month. True, the issue is about money, but even more so about my freelance business and how it’s set up. I’m going to use the time of still being tied to Berlin for rebranding and restructuring my business, just in time for its 4th anniversary on August 27th.

So the theme of this month seems to be about setting myself up – all while enjoying the magnificent Berlin summer that finally seems to have arrived (knock on wood).

Tidbits of Magic

While I might not be able to travel physically at the moment, I’ve extensively travelled around the world digitally this past month and found some souvenirs along the way:

I’m just in love with Jamie Beck’s photography, especially when the subject is a place like Camellas-Lloret a B&B in the breathtaking Occitania region of southern France.

I sometimes fantasise about being a traveller and adventurer in a past era before cheap flights, hostel chains and Instagram. Just like Hemingway in Africa – but without the big game hunting and the near-fatal plane crashes he was involved in.

How could I make a travel bug list without including Indonesia? Especially as the video by filmmaker Jade Morssinkhof doesn’t just include Bali (as much as I love it).

I’ve already mentioned Byron Bay and now there’s a further reason to go back: Eight artists have transformed a plain industrial-looking laneway not far from the main beach into an elysium of colour and art.

From Australia it’s not that far anymore to mythical Hawaii. Belka of thefernweh.blog visited three of the islands and lived to tell the tale about her Hawaii Adventures. The article is in German, but the pictures speak for themselves.

What a job: Morgan Greenseth is a designer of healing hotels, “hospitality space[s] infused with intention and sprinkled with playfulness that allows guests to maximize well-being”.

And last but not least, National Geographic has just announced the stunning winning pictures of its 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year competition.

And that’s it for now. If you actually got (or get) to travel this summer and have an intriguing story to share, let me know!

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