Eirys X Files #3 – Equinox

Equinox –  time of change. There is so much going on and changing for me currently. Unlike the seasonal changes that are plain to see, my changes are still mostly internal. But that could change soon, too. It’s both exciting and unsettling to have no concrete idea what my life will look like in just a few weeks time.

But autumn has certainly arrived – and I’m loving it! At least the idea of it. Autumn always seems to awaken memories in me that I’m never really able to place in my own past. Like memories of crisp misty mornings in the countryside, apples, fires and hot stews. I’ve dug up my old Pinterest board again and like to lose myself in it whenever the big city autumn just doesn’t meet my yearnings…

Tidbits of Magic

A while ago I was thinking about visiting the Scottish Highlands this September but life had other plans for me. Watching Go, and Be by Josh Brine makes me a bit wistful about this missed chance:

I don’t cry easily but this story about two foster dads redefining the meaning of family got me teary-eyed.

I don’t consider myself an artist, at least not one that needs a large studio, but I still love the idea of an Airbnb for renting studio space. And the founders are from Berlin!

There’s something so beautifully eerie about the neon light installations photographed by Jung Lee.

There’s this typical Instagram aesthetics of beautiful girls in front of an equally beautiful scenery that I’m increasingly getting tired of, but but I’m just in awe of Kristina Makeeva’s magical works of art.

I can’t believe I haven’t discovered @WhatFranWore earlier, the Instagram account chronicling everything ‘The Nanny’ Fran Fine wore on the show. It’s even better after having read the interview with stylist Brenda Cooper about how she created Fran’s unmistakable look.

Speaking of amazing clothes: Björk has just released The Gate, the first song off her long-awaited new album. And just as epic as the video is the custom-made Gucci gown she’s wearing in it. (The Dazed feature about her and her upcoming album is worth a read, too.)

I just love this: Jim Carrey: I Needed Color.

Photo by Vali S. on Pexels

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